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Adding a few rules written by adde, 2012-03-13 15:27 CET (20 comments)

Players are obligated to decide server 5 minutes before the game starts.
It is the players obligation to find their opponent and agree to a server. If the players can't agree contact an admin.

Matches have to start before 15 min past the hour.
Example: Your game starts at 12. If you haven't started to play before 12:15 there will be given WO or BYE's.
(This might change depending on if the casters wants to broadcast your game or not. If they do, count on some further delay). (If your game is to be broadcasted the casters will tell you so)

Seedings will determine the colors of each player on the stream.
Example: highest seeded player in each game will be red and lowest will be blue.

Donations & prize pool news written by zingaoQW, 2012-03-13 13:15 CET (22 comments)

Greetings Quakers!

So we have some updates about Hymn of Hope monthly tournament. I have recieved a couple of queries on IRC, here on tourney.cc and on Quakeworld.nu forums that some would be glad to donate money for this tournament.

This is why we have opened an account for donations on paypal.
You can find the link in the left menu called Donation [hymnofhope.tourney.cc].
We have written some info about donating, and the rest - amount to donate - is up to you.

Some other exciting news is that if we exceed 128 signed up players, we will increase the monthly cash prize with additional €50, to a total of €200 - nice, isn't it?

So tell your friends, clanmates and whomever you might know to actually sign-up, it does make a difference!

Thank you

Best regards
zingao & staff.

Announcement #2 written by zingaoQW, 2012-03-06 13:07 CET (40 comments)

Greetings Quakers.

I'm proud to announce Hymn of Hope, a 2-day tournament that happens monthly, starting April 14-15!
With atleast €100 monthly cash prizes, this grand opening offers a thrilling €150. My hopes are to increase the amount of cash as we progress, depending on the success of this project.

The tournament will be held Saturdays and Sundays. You are required to be reachable on IRC (Quakenet) in our channel #HoH. Be there, or be square; we won't run around servers looking for you.
Tournament format is double elimination, BO3 (also for LB). The Semi Finals, Bronze Match and Grand Final are played BO5.

Cash prize distribution (Total of €150):
  1. €80
  2. €45
  3. €25

Remember, help me, help you! I cannot do this alone. Keep supporting by signing up, even if you feel that you lack the skill to win it all.
We are here to show that the QuakeWorld-scene is still alive and kicking! We´re here to stay - nothing´s ever gonna change that!

I´d also like to add that we are still looking for admins that can help us promote this in other media, or help running the tournament itself. If you find this interesting or want to give back to this awesome community so that we can gradually increase the prizes, your help is more then welcome. Doesn´t need to be much - many drops make a river.

zingao (Admin)
bps (Pro Qw-player, Admin and Design)
andeh (Pro QW-player and Admin)
Quakephil (Shoutcasting, been part in most things of QW-scene, does awesome guides/tutorials.)
nvc (Shoutcasting, known from shoutcasting Quakecon/Dreamhack and so on.)
ParadokS (Pro QW-player, will be co-casting when needed.)
Defcon_5 (Videos)
dirtbox (Admin)
Adde (Admin)

Channel (Quakenet) - #HoH
Website (Signup) - Http://hymnofhope.tourney.cc

Do NOT forget to read the rules, and join up our channel on Quakenet.
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