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All donations are 100% guaranteed to be given out to the winners of Hymn of Hope qw tournament.

Donations made after the 29th each month will get into the prize pool for the following tourney.

As a donator you have the option to have your name displayed below this text.
To do this, query your name and country to zingao at Quakenet. (you may donate anonymous if thats what you prefer, but please tell so)

All amounts are welcomed, from €1 and up.

We are a non-profit organisation, we will NOT take any share of the money sent in, everything goes to the qw-community.

Help us continuing the support for QW, small water drops makes a big river.

Donators and a big thanks to (sorted by alphabet)
Andeh (Suddendeath)
dvgn (N/A)
DoncY (N/A)
deurk ( http://qw-dev.net [qw-dev.net] )
deus (MoFo)
dithes (N/A)
Dirtbox (Spaceballs)
Empezar (N/A)
Izii (Gentlemen Club)
Whimp (Fallen Angels)
mushi (Spaceballs)
Nate (N/A)
QuakePhil ( http://qw.quakephil.com [qw.quakephil.com] )
zingao (N/A)
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