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Hymn of Hope first edition ending written by sd_andeh, 2012-04-16 09:04 CEST (25 comments)

The first edition of the Hymn of Hope tournament has come to an end, and we got to see Rikoll take first place, with bps being the runner-up, and Kingpin third.

Now is your chance to give feedback on the tournament [quakeworld.nu]. It does not matter whether you were a spectator or a player, any feedback is very appreciated by the Hymn of Hope crew!

The Hymn of Hope crew has shown a few ideas thus far, those including;

Single elimination instead of double elimination
Considering that the tournament is so short, we feel that having a losers bracket messes things up. The losers bracket this time didn't fall that far behind, but we feel that almost too many games were played. Thoughts on this? Head over to the feedback on the tournament-thread [quakeworld.nu] and give your comments/ideas.

One day tournament instead of two
Naturally, alot of quakers enjoy partying. It has been felt that this could be a contributing factor to drop-outs and walk-overs. Therefore it has been discussed whether the tournament should be held on a single day (with single-elimination, this will be easier to do) instead of over the whole weekend. That way, players only need to sacrifice a single day of the weekend for quake. Do you think that's something the majority of quakers could do? Head over to the feedback on the tournament-thread [quakeworld.nu] and give your comments/ideas.

Later start-time
Alot of people showed up late, so perhaps 12:00 CEST is too early on a weekend? Head over to the feedback on the tournament-thread [quakeworld.nu] and give your comments/ideas.

Improved stream
Even though most of us believe QuakePhil's stream [twitch.tv] is awesome, we will try to have designers help out with nice between-games logos and pictures to improve the viewing experience for all spectators. What do you think needs to be improved on the stream? Head over to the feedback on the tournament-thread [quakeworld.nu] and give your comments/ideas.

Any other ideas of what we could improve? Please help us make this tournament even better by giving us feedback!

Within a few days, more information will come about the next edition which is to be held in May. The May edition will feature more prizemoney (thanks to all the donators), and we hope for even more sign-ups!

Stay tuned!
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