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Hymn of Hope September Edition - 2on2 written by sd_andeh, 2012-05-23 15:23 CEST (36 comments)

We know that September is quite far away but we feel like doing a teaser anyway. Since quakeworld players take summerbreaks, so will the Hymn of Hope tournament. We feel that it's smarter to host the biggest tournament thus far in the start of autumn instead of several small tournaments during the summer when nobody plays.

The Hymn of Hope crew are happy to announce the Hymn of Hope September Edition!
This edition will be different from the previous ones in a very obvious way - it will be a 2on2 tournament with more prizemoney than ever before!

QuakeWorld hasn't seen many 2on2 tournaments except for the one hosted at QHLAN. We feel that it would be interesting to see how big the interest is for such an unusual tournament. The prizepool will also be bigger than ever before and we hope to see way more signups than in the dueltournaments! Remember that this tournament is for everyone and every division and skill of players!

Please note that this is just a teaser announcement and a bigger, more complete announcement will follow in the end of the summer.

We have not opened the signups yet, as the date hasn't been set. Stay tuned!

Do you have any thoughts about this? Don't hesitate to head over to the Hymn of Hope feedback thread [quakeworld.nu] and give us your opinion!

We would also like to remind everyone that you can contribute to the prizepool if you want. You can easily donate money at the Hymn of Hope donation page [hymnofhope.tourney.cc] if you want, which will help increasing the prizepool further. Any donation is very appreciated, be it 1 euro or 100 euro! Thank you for yor contribution.

Please give us your feedback in the Hymn of Hope feedback thread [quakeworld.nu] and let us know what you think about the Hymn of Hope September Edition!

More information will come in the end of the summer and we hope that you are just as excited about this 2on2 tournament as we are!

Stay tuned!

Hymn of Hope homepage [hymnofhope.tourney.cc]
Hymn of Hope donations [hymnofhope.tourney.cc]
Hymn of Hope feedback [quakeworld.nu]
Hymn of Hope April edition wrap-up [quakeworld.nu]

Hymn of Hope wrap-up written by sd_andeh, 2012-05-23 15:22 CEST (34 comments)

So the Hymn of Hope May Edition is over, which once again showed success on the stream with a lot of observers and spectators. We got to hear Carapace, Milton and FU-KIPPO do guestcommentary and of course andeh and QuakePhil, we got to see some great games and a finals including BuLaT.

Final standings:
1. Rikoll -> €200
2. BuLaT -> €100
3. bps -> €70
4. Avenger -> €30

Once again we congratulate Rikoll who is still playing so well, winning the finals convincingly to maintain the status of being the best dueller of today.

If you want to watch the demos of all the games from the quarterfinals and forward, you can download the demo-pack HERE [demos.quakeworld.nu].

You can also watch the VODs which include commentary!

Prelim. game --> andeh vs LocKtar [justin.tv], commentated by QuakePhil and FU-KIPPO
Prelim. game --> Razor vs Rikoll [justin.tv], commentated by andeh and QuakePhil
Quarterfinals 1 --> BuLaT vs Kenoman [justin.tv], commentated by andeh and QuakePhil
Quarterfinals 2 --> LocKtar vs Avenger [justin.tv], commentated by andeh and QuakePhil
Semifinals 1 --> bps vs BuLaT [justin.tv], commentated by Milton and QuakePhil
Semifinals 2 --> Rikoll vs Avenger [justin.tv], commentated by Milton and Carapace
BRONZEGAME --> bps vs Avenger [justin.tv], commentated by Carapace and QuakePhil
GRAND FINALS --> BuLaT vs Rikoll [justin.tv], commentated by Carapace and QuakePhil

Thank you for yet another great tournament! Once again a great job by QuakePhil [twitch.tv] on the stream, great commentary and great players!

Stay tuned for the next Hymn of Hope tournament! Announcement will come shortly...

Also, do not hesitate to give us feedback about the tournament. What do you think was good? What was bad? Head over to the Hymn of Hope feedback thread [quakeworld.nu] and give us your opinion!

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Hymn of Hope May Edition written by sd_andeh, 2012-04-18 01:32 CEST (24 comments)

Fellow quakers,

First off we want to thank every player, spectator and admin for their contribution to making the first edition of Hymn of Hope a wonderful experience for everybody!

Now we are happy to announce the May Edition of the Hymn of Hope duel tournament! It will be held Sunday, the 20th of May. Yes, that's right! It will be a one day tournament instead of a weekend tournament. More info below!

You can easily sign up for the Hymn of Hope May Edition HERE [hymnofhope.tourney.cc]!

We saw the April edition succeed in both bringing top level duelling, loads of spectators, and a hell of a show for every quaker out there.
The tournament went smooth, even though so many games had to be played, and we got to see Rikoll come out the strongest, winning the finals convincingly against bps.

VODs of the tournament can be found here:

Loser's bracket finals - Kingpin vs bps [twitch.tv]
Winner bracket finals - Kingpin vs Rikoll [justin.tv]
The game considered to be the best game of the tournament - LocKtar vs bps [justin.tv]

Hymn of Hope GRAND FINALS - Rikoll vs bps [justin.tv]

and if you would like to watch the entire 48 hour clip, you can do that HERE [twitch.tv]. It does however include other things than just the Hymn of Hope tournament.

We have listened to the feedback from the community, and done some major adjustments in order to provide an even better experience for all involved parties. These changes include;

* 1 day tournament instead of 2 (this is to not take away an entire weekend from players, admins or spectators)

* Bigger prizepool (almost 3 times (!) larger than last edition!)

* Single elimination (we noticed that having a loser's bracket in such a short tournament with such a tight timeschedule was exhausting not only for admins but for players as well)

* Best of 5 from Quarterfinals (to be crowned champion you will have to master all the maps in the mappool)

* More scheduled games (this is to ensure the best possible viewer experience on the stream)

Stay tuned though, as we might have more suprises coming up...



#HoH @ quakenet

Sunday, 20th of May, 12:00 - 21:00 CEST


Time schedule

Saturday, 19th of May
18:00 - Signups close
19:00 - Brackets are released (check when your first game is! This way you can know when you have to wake up)

Sunday, 20th of May
11:45 - Check-in at #HoH @ quakenet, just like last tournament (DON'T BE LATE FOR YOUR GAMES)
12:00 - round of 128
13:00 - round of 64
14:00 - round of 32
15:00 - round of 16
16:00 - round of 8 (games start being best of 5)
17:30 - semifinal 1
19:00 - semifinal 2
20:30 - 3rd place game
22:00 - FINALS

QuakePhil with dynamic co-caster

Zingao - HeadAdmin, administration / economy
Zalon - demo-packs
Adde - stream administration / game administration
bps - design
Defcon 5 - videos
QuakePhil - stream administration / shoutcasting
andeh - public relations / co-caster


Keep in mind that we might have suprises for you, and that some things in this list may change until tournament date. We hope to bring you at least one big suprise, so stay tuned!

If there are any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to drop in to #HoH @ quakenet and talk to the admins!

We would also like to remind you that the donations that we recieved throughout the past couple of weeks have all been put into the prizepool for the May Edition. This effectively means that donations for the NEXT edition of the Hymn of Hope tournament are now open.
If you wish to contribute to increase the prizepool, you can do so easily over at the donation page [hymnofhope.tourney.cc]. Please help us make this an even better tournament! Any donation is MUCH appreciated.


SIGN UP FOR THE TOURNAMENT [hymnofhope.tourney.cc]
The QuakePhil stream [twitch.tv]
The main tournament website [hymnofhope.tourney.cc]


We hope that this tournament will be just as much of a success as the last edition was!

Sign up for the tournament NOW! [hymnofhope.tourney.cc]

Kind regards,
the Hymn of Hope crew

<@FA-Zalon> you guys work so hard
<@sd-andeh> thats why this tournament is so great!
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